Pembroke Pines Minimum Wage 2023

Pembroke Pines Minimum Wage 2023 – Wage orders published by the Department of Labor can modify the minimum wage rate for workers in certain industries. Businesses should contact the Department of Labor if they will apply any credits, such as meals or tips, towards meeting the minimum wage rate. It is illegal to pay employees below the wage rate.
Under the Wage Theft Prevention Act, private employers in Pembroke Pines must provide all of their employees (both exempt and non-exempt) with a pay notice. This pay notice must include the following information:

  • Pay rate, inlcuding overtime if applicable;
  • How the employee is paid (hourly, shift, day, week, piece, etc.);
  • When pay day is;
  • The Doing Business As (DBA) name of the employer; and
  • Contact information of the employer, such as the address and telephone number
  • Any allowances towards the minimum wage(tips, meals, lodging, etc);

Businesses should keep copies of all of their pay notices.
For more information about the minimum wage or other labor regulations, please contact the Department of Labor.

Pembroke Pines Minimum Wage 2023

Pembroke Pines minimum wage rate is $11.00 per hour, effective October 2022.

This is the result of a City Council decision to increase the Living Wage for Pembroke Pines. This wage applies to regular and temporary City employees. The federal minimum wage increased to $7.25 per hour, effective July 24, 2009. For more information, please refer to the Department of Labor’s Wage and Overtime Pay web page in United State.

You are entitled to be paid the higher state minimum wage. The minimum wage applies to most employees in Pembroke Pines, with limited exceptions including tipped employees, some student workers, and other exempt occupations.

Pembroke Pines allows employers to make deductions to the applicable minimum wage rate for tips received, meals, or lodging provided to an employee. There are few exceptions to Pembroke Pines’s minimum wage – farm workers, who are exempt in many other states, must earn at least $5.00 in Pembroke Pines.

Pembroke Pines employers may not pay you under $11.00 per hour unless you or your occupation are specifically exempt from the minimum wage under state or federal law.

All Pembroke Pines employers must display an approved Pembroke Pines minimum wage poster in a prominent place to inform employees about the minimum wage and their worker’s rights under Pembroke Pines labor law.


A minimum wage is the lowest wage per hour that a worker may be paid, as mandated by federal law. It is a legally mandated price floor on hourly wages, below which nonexempt workers may not be offered a job or agree to work.

What is the Pembroke Pines minimum wage?

The current Pembroke Pines minimum wage of $11.00 per hour is the lowest amount a non-exempt employee in Pembroke Pines can legally be paid for hourly work. Special minimum wage rates, such as the “Pembroke Pines waitress minimum wage” for tipped employees, may apply to certain workers.

What is the Pembroke Pines under 18 minimum wage?

Pembroke Pines employers may pay 18 year olds and minors the youth minimum wage of $4.25 for the first 90 days of employment. Other labor law exemptions for minors in Pembroke Pines may exist.

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