Kuranji Beach, a beautiful beach with a charming view of the sunset in the West of Lombok

Kuranji Beach, a beautiful beach with a charming view of the sunset in the West of Lombok – Have you ever heard of a beach called Kuranji Beach? This beach is located on the island of Lombok – Indonesia. It is one of the destinations that you must visit if you are on vacation in Lombok. The beach is surrounded by mountains and trees. You can’t miss it.

This beach is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset, especially if you love sunset views. Not only that, Kuranji Beach also has a bridge to the ocean. So visitors can enjoy the beach view more freely.

Attractions of Kuranji Beach

This beach is a good choice for those who like a natural and calming beach atmosphere. Every visitor’s mind will be refreshed by the lush greenery. To learn more about this beach, here’s the full review.

1. A playground for exciting kites

When visiting this beach, tourists who like to play kite will be very happy. The reason for this is that this beach has a wide stretch of sandy beach with a relatively gentle breeze. This beach is highly recommended for travelers who have children and families in tow.

Although this tourist spot is suitable for playing kites, tourists should bring kites from home. No one sells kites here. Kite playing is one of the interesting activities you can do at Kuranji beach Lombok, especially if you have children.

2. Enjoy the Beauty from the Bridge

As explained earlier, this beach provides a bridge that leads to the middle of the sea. Besides being used as a fishing location for fishermen and local residents, this bridge is also used as a location to enjoy the view of the beach. You can enjoy the vastness of the ocean surrounded by lush mountains and peopohinan.

3. Including Virgin Tourist Attractions

The rows of trees that cover the Kuranji Beach area make the beach location seem hidden. The beach is also not widely known by tourists but it is worth it to visit because it is like visiting a private beach.

One of them is this beach which is dominated by green trees. Compared to other beaches in Lombok that are already famous, this virgin beach is quite empty of visitors. So that tourists can enjoy a comfortable and calm beach atmosphere.

4. The Natural Panorama Presented is So Pampering the Eyes

If tourists are looking for tourist attractions in the West Nusa Tenggara Lombok area that are still virgin, Kuranji Beach can be one of the recommended places to go. How not, the natural panoramic treats really spoil the eyes. The stretch of beach sand is quite wide with a unique color, half black and half white.

On the edge of the beach there are rows of green and beautiful trees. The color of the sea water is graded from light blue to turquoise blue combined with the unique color of the beach sand. In addition, the shoreline is straight and the waves are quite calm so that tourists can enjoy a comfortable beach panorama.

Address and way to the beach

Geographically, this beach is on the border of the city of Mataram. However, Kuranji Beach belongs to the district of West Lombok from an administrative point of view. To be more precise, this beach is included in the sub-district of Labuapi.

There is only about 3 to 4 km distance between this beach and NTB town. If you use a motorized vehicle, it only takes about 10 minutes. Two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles are available to tourists.

This beach has been visited quite often. However, the access road to the place is quite narrow. So it is advisable to come when it is quiet. The road to the beach is very busy during the holiday season. This can lead to traffic jams.

Ticket price for marine tourism

The Kuranji Beach in Lombok can be visited by tourists for 24 hours a day. Interestingly, getting in is quite affordable. Each tourist who visits is charged an entrance ticket of only IDR 2,000. Therefore, this beach is one of the tourist destinations that will not break the wallets of the tourists.

Visitors of all ages who come to the beach can use the entrance ticket. For tourists who want to save money while on vacation, visiting a unique sandy beach with half black and half white sand is the right option.

Fun activities to do

Kuranji Beach, a beautiful beach with a charming view of the sunset in the West of Lombok

1. Playing Beach Ball

Aside from playing kites, tourists vacationing at the beach can also do other activities. One of them is playing beach ball. The breeze is very supportive of this sport activity. It is so much fun. It is recommended that tourists come in the afternoon if they want to do this activity.

Beach ball games are very fun. So tourists can refresh themselves while exercising. In addition, playing ball on land has certainly become commonplace. So for tourists who are playing beach ball sports for the first time, playing beach ball is an exciting and interesting experience.

2. Photo Hunting

Tourists who visit Kuranji Beach never waste the opportunity. Every point that is good as a photo spot is immortalized on the camera or smartphone. Under the green trees or on the beach, tourists can choose the best spot.

Because of its calm atmosphere, many tourists make the beach a place to take photos. These photos include pre-wedding photos, catalog photos, and photos to upload to social media. The unique color of the beach sand can also be a recommended photo background.

3. Beach area camping

Many tourists choose to set up tents in the Kuranji Beach Lombok area. This is because there is no accommodation available around the location. The beach area is so wide. Therefore, tourists can choose where to set up their tents.

There is no tent rental or other camping equipment available. Tourists are required to bring their own tents and other camping equipment from home. Tourists who are camping can bring their own food and drinks from home.

4. Beach swimming

The waves of the beach are quite calm. So it is safe for tourists who want to swim or bathe in this beautiful beachfront area. The sea water is so clear with gradations of light blue and turquoise colors. Tourists will definitely be tempted to try swimming there.

Even though the waves are calm, tourists must be careful not to have a bath in the middle of the sea. Kuranji Beach is comfortable to swim or bathe in. However, tourists should still make sure that they stay within the beach area and don’t get in the middle.

5. Sunset view

In this virgin beach area, many tourists are curious about the sunset panorama. So camping or tenting is an activity that many choose to enjoy the sunset freely. Because there are no rocks or cliffs facing the beach. So the sunset panorama will not be blocked by anything.

This is what makes camping special and appealing to tourists. The atmosphere of the beach during the sunset feels so warm and romantic because of the usual light from the sun as it sets on the western horizon.

Available beach area facilities

The beach is quite crowded. However, the facilities are not so complete. However, the most important facilities are already there. There is a large parking lot. There are also public facilities on the beach. There are five pavilions where tourists can rest.

We also have toilets and showers. Facilities such as tents and camping equipment are not available at Kuranji Beach Lombok, so tourists can bring their own from home. Food stalls are already there. A variety of processed fish from the sea is the majority of food sold.

The food menu is quite diverse. It ranges from grilled fish, various seafood and various other delicious snacks. Tourists can try various types of food there while enjoying the beauty of the beach panorama.

You will not be disappointed if you travel to Kuranji Beach Lombok. Although there are still minimal facilities, there are many activities that can be done there. The scenery presented is also different from the usual beaches. So you must stop by this beach when the holiday season arrives and you want to go to Lombok.