6 Best Places to stay in Bali

6 best places to stay in Bali – Offering a wide variety of attractions for tourists, Bali is a dream island. Bali has it all: beautiful beaches, unique culture, delicious cuisine and exciting activities. However, you need to choose the best areas to stay in Bali in order to enjoy all the beauty and excitement of Bali. Depending on your vacation style and preferences, the best area to stay in Bali will vary. Are you in search of a lively and modern atmosphere or a quiet and natural one? Do you want to adventure at sea or on land? Is your preference a luxury hotel or a private villa? We have compiled the 6 most popular areas recommended by tourists to help you find the best places to stay in Bali.

6 best places to stay in Bali

6 Best Places to stay in Bali

Bali is a tropical travel destination that is full of charm! Can’t decide on the perfect place to stay while planning a trip to this beautiful island? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the six best places to stay in Bali that are sure to make your trip one to remember. Bali has everything to suit the needs of different travelers, from stunning beaches to mesmerizing natural wonders. Here is a list of accommodations that will be the perfect addition to your Bali vacation.

1. Canggu

The first best place to stay in Bali is Canggu. For a staycation or workcation, Canggu is one of the most recommended areas. The reason for this is that here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the rice fields and the beaches with a dazzling sunset. In addition, you will also be able to get a variety of complete and high quality facilities. Starting from budget hotels, to luxury villas, to beach bars, to beach clubs, to other types of accommodation, everything is available. There are also special rates for long term bookings.

You don’t have to worry about food in Canggu. There are many delicious food stalls at affordable prices. There are also many modern cafes. So you can work in a comfortable and fun place. There are also spa and massage centers and yoga studios around Canggu if you want to relax and take care of yourself. By motorbike or car you can easily visit other places like Seminyak, Kuta or Sanur.

It’s also easy and cheap to rent a motorbike or car in Canggu if you don’t bring your own. You can also find a reliable motorbike or car rental at the place where you are staying. So there’s no need to have any worries.

Canggu is suitable for those of you who want to vacation or work while enjoying the beauty of nature, but want everything to be complete, close to everything and not far away from the crowd.

2. Kintamani

The second best place to stay in Bali is in the Kintamani area. Because of its fresh air, Kintamani is one of the best areas for a staycation or workcation. Kintamani is close to Mount Batur. You can feel the cool air which will make you more relaxed. Kintamani is also an interesting option to visit besides Ubud.

Many newly developed tourist attractions can be found here. You can enjoy everything during your stay in Kintamani, from cafes with a direct view of Mount Batur to the Gumitir (Marygold) flower garden. Kintamani is in the highlands. Therefore, it is not as crowded as Canggu, which is closer to the city.

In terms of accommodation options, you may not be able to find the Instagram-worthy accommodations that are available in Canggu, Seminyak, or around the city. In Kintamani, traditional architecture and interiors are a priority. Or designs that are in harmony with nature. So you’ll see a lot of accommodations made of wood, bamboo, or decorated in traditional ways.

On the plus side, Kintamani is the area for you if you’re the type of traveler who likes to get away from the crowds and doesn’t care much for social media. It is quiet, cool and full of serenity. The atmosphere is very romantic in the evening with a beautiful and majestic mountain backdrop.

Perfect for those who want to relax and don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city. Away from the crowds, good air quality and perfect for relaxation, especially when your mind is tired and you need more concentration to do your work amidst the peaceful mountain breeze.

3. Uluwatu

The third best place to stay in Bali is the area of Uluwatu. Located in the Pecatu area, Uluwatu is an area rich in cliffs. Underneath the cliffs is the open sea with big waves. This is a great place to stay or work for those who love the sound of the waves breaking as they hit the reef.

However, if you want to have a staycation or workcation here, you will have to prepare a rather high budget. This is because Uluwatu is a premium area that attracts many foreign and domestic tourists. As a result, the price of accommodation is also relatively high. This is certainly reasonable. Most of the accommodations in Uluwatu are built on cliffs and the view from the inns is really extraordinary. So the maintenance costs are not small.

Well, you are ready to go to Uluwatu if the budget is already there. Calm yourself and your mind here. The sound of the waves is certainly not something you can hear every day in the big city or in your everyday life. So is the panoramic view of the sea from the top of the cliff. So, take advantage of this opportunity. Let your heart and mind soar.

Uluwatu is also a quiet area. It is not as crowded as Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur or Kuta. So for those who enjoy the sound of the ocean, this area is definitely for you. If I may make a suggestion: Choose an accommodation that actually overlooks the ocean, such as Dreamsea Uluwatu. Then you’ll be totally satisfied!

It’s perfect for those of you who love a vacation with the feel of the ocean. You’ll feel calm when you work or relax, accompanied by the intense sound of the waves.

4. Seminyak

The fourth best place for staying in Bali is Seminyak. Back in the city, you can stay or work in the Seminyak area. It has all the facilities you need. Like Canggu, Seminyak is compact and dominated by restaurants, souvenir shops and accommodations that range from Instagramable to five-star to family villas.

How is it different from the Canggu area? Canggu has more green rice fields. They are a feast for the eyes. Canggu is also full of cheap eateries with delicious flavors. Canggu is also a meeting place for young people. There are beach clubs, beach bars and Instagramable places.

Shops, famous restaurants, clubs and cafes dominate Seminyak on the other hand. So if you are a person who likes crowds and can actually feel more relaxed when you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle, then Seminyak is a good place for you to stay and work.

Not only that, but Seminyak is also close to everything. You can easily change your destination to Kuta, Canggu or even Sanur if you are already in Seminyak. You can also see the beach. Seminyak is not inferior to Canggu. It has several beaches with beautiful sunset views. You can find it all here in Seminyak!

Suitable for Those of you who like to be in the center of the crowd and always want to eat well. Stop by a club while enjoying a beautiful sunset panorama. Whether you are relaxing or working, Seminyak will satisfy the needs of your soul and mind.

5. Ubud

The fifth best place to stay in Bali is Ubud Bali. For those of you who want a getaway in an area full of artistic and cultural values, then you can have a staycation or workcation in the Ubud area. Ubud is known as one of the most “Balinese” areas because of its original art. Ubud is also always interesting to visit because of its fresh air, especially at night.

It is here that you can come and cleanse your mind and spirit of whatever has been bothering you. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of internationally certified meditation and yoga classes in the area. So if you need it, you can join one of the classes.

As far as accommodation goes: Ubud has plenty! However, there are not too many of the modern kind here. The number of young people is also quite small. This is due to the fact that the tourists who come to Ubud are the ones who want to find peace and quiet and soak up the true Balinese tradition. So you won’t find clubs, bars or places as crowded as in Canggu or Seminyak.

In addition, you will see so much of the beautiful greenery that exists here. From lush rice terraces, grasslands, green hills to lush trees in the middle of the city. It’s no wonder that many of the finest places to stay have chosen to specialize in the forest. VIP room with forest view, he said.

Suitable for those who are in search of a peaceful atmosphere with the accompaniment of fresh air and lush green areas. Ubud is the best place to go if you don’t like crowds and want to experience a staycation or workcation in a classy area.

6. Ungasan

The last best place to stay in Bali is Ungasan, an area surrounded by beautiful blue sea views. This place is perfect for a staycation or workcation if you are the type of person who likes to see the sea from a height. However, the location is quite far from everywhere. So it is a bit difficult for you to travel outside the hotel.

Beach lovers will certainly have a lot of fun here. Ungasan has many great beaches such as Green Bowl, Nyang-Nyang, Melasti, Padang-Padang, Tegal Wangi and Suluban. You’ll be spoiled for choice with views to make your heart happy. So, Ungasan is the place to go if you want a quiet getaway without having to travel to a crowded place.

It is perfect for those of you who just need a different atmosphere for relaxation or work without the need to play around in the city. In other words, just staying in a hotel or going to the beach is enough!


Bali Indonesia is an island that offers a wide variety of attractions for tourists to enjoy. You need to choose the best area to stay in Bali in order to enjoy all the beauty and excitement of Bali. There are 6 places that are most popular and recommended by tourists, namely Canggu, Kintamani, Uluwatu, Seminyak, Ubud and Ungasan. Each area has different characteristics and facilities and is suitable for different types of vacation. Whether for a staycation or a workcation, you can choose the area that best suits your needs.

This is a review of the 6 best areas to stay in Bali that you can use as a reference for your vacation. We hope this article is useful. It will help you plan your vacation in Bali. Don’t forget to check the availability and price of hotels in your chosen area before booking. We wish you a pleasant and unforgettable vacation in Bali!