A Review of Funfields Theme Park and its Facilities

Funfields Theme Park is the most popular theme park in Victoria, known for its thrilling water rides that are some of the best in Australia. The park is spread over 40 acres of beautiful Victorian countryside and is located just a short drive north of Melbourne in Whittlesea. It offers a mix of wet and dry attractions.

Funfields Theme Park, named “Victoria’s Hottest Theme Park” by Park Chat Live in the previous year, has also been included in the Experience OZ Ultimate Victoria Top 100 Bucket List.

Funfields Theme Park, which has been growing steadily since its opening, is now considered one of the premier theme parks in Victoria. With a wide variety of rides and attractions catering to people of all ages, the park boasts over 24 offerings including thrilling rides and record-breaking waterslides. Not only is it a perfect destination for a fun day out, but it is also suitable for hosting parties, events, corporate gatherings, school trips, reunions and family fun days.

About Funfields Theme Park

Funfields Theme Park is a large 15.7-hectare theme park located in the suburban town of Whittlesea, situated about 40 kilometers north of Melbourne, Australia. Funfields Theme Park opened its doors in 1985 as the Alpine Toboggan Park, but it has since evolved into a multifaceted destination with a diverse range of wet and dry attractions. It is one of the four major theme parks in the state of Victoria.

Due to Melbourne’s climate and the fact that many of its attractions are water-based, the park is closed during the colder winter months. In 2017, the park opened the Gravity Wave water slide and the Voodoo pendulum ride, and more recently in December 2018, the park open a heated outdoor wave pool, named Volcano Beach.

Review Funfields Theme Park

Sue Sims : “Went with my daughter and 2 grandsons ( 7 & 10 ) and we had a fantastic day. So many fun water and non water rides to go on. We arrived 9.45am and didn’t leave until 4.45pm, tired and exhausted but we all agreed it was a great day. We splashed out and got a Beach Club VIP pass for the sun lounges and think it was worth it, very relaxed especially when it gets really crowded. Not a cheap day but considering all the attractions i consider it good value. Special mention to all Staff, they were exceptional.”

Londa James : “Absolute blast! Enough shade to take your own picnic basket or bbq stuff. Some people had mini speakers as well, cool! Wasn’t necessary to get a bed at all especially because there is no food allowed in that area.”

Heath McDonald : “We got season passes for the first time and we absolutely love this place. The water slides are fantastic and the non water rides and attractions are fun for all. I can’t wait to see what they will add in the future. Definitely getting season passes next year as well. Fun for all the family but check the hight restrictions for the young kids on the website before you visit.”

Brennan Prior : “Funfields Theme Park really is a great place to visit and has something for everyone! Kids, teens, adults, families! It’s great that you can bring in your own food and shelter and have a picnic through the whole day. Don’t want to cart everything in? I found food and drink prices to be completely reasonable and in my opinion relatively cheap for an amusement park. Whilst it would become an expensive exercise to take an entire family there, if you get in early and stay the entire day, it really is great value for so much fun. My personal favourites were the Gravity Drop and the Typhoon. Even the Amazonia area was a lot of fun. Thanks to the team for being so calm and professional whilst moving everyone through the attractions. Don’t like waiting? The $25 sling shot pass is a must. Get in early, try the rides before it gets busy, and then go back and use the slingshot pass to skip the cue! Can’t wait to go back, and next time I’ll cover up because three applications of sunscreen still wasn’t enough.”

Funfields Theme Park boasts three ProSlide waterslides that hold World Records:

  • The Gravity Wave, the world’s biggest, longest and tallest ProSlide Tornado Wave. The 201.16 metre long shuttle blasts off from a 27.1 metre high launch pad and propels riders at speeds of up to 24 feet per second.
  • The Kraken Race, the world’s longest Proslide Kraken Racer. It is the first of its kind in Australia and one of only 20 worldwide. Riders reach speeds of over 60kph – that is 17 metres per second.
  • The Typhoon, the world’s longest Pro Slide CannonBowl Water Slide. It boasts a length of 137 metres and includes both a single and double tube ride with a massive drop of nearly 19 metres.

ProSlide, located in Canada, is the leading world waterslide builder. They’ve installed five of their largest waterslides built in the world in Australia, three of those waterslides can be found at Funfields.

Funfields also houses some of Australia’s most unique rides and experiences. The Voodoo, Zamperlas 360 degree inversion ride is the only one in Australia. The theme park’s swinging Pirate Ship is the only Huss ship operating in Australia and it also features a Virtual Reality Experience. The park also boasts food and drink outlets, VIP huts, picnic and BBQ areas and much more!

Opening hours for Funfields Theme Park

Funfields Theme Park is open daily from 10 am-05.00 pm. for detail here.