PT Freeport Indonesia Salary all positions

PT Freeport Indonesia Salary all positions – This time we are going to share information about how much is the salary of the employees who are working in Freeport. There is nothing wrong with joining in and seeing this Freeport Indonesia salary info for those of you who are mining specialists or graduates of mining majors.

Based in Papua, Indonesia, PT Freeport Indonesia is a mining company. It is one of the largest copper and gold miners in the world. The company has contributed significantly to the economy of Indonesia for more than 50 years. We will examine the salaries of PT Freeport Indonesia employees in this article.

PT Freeport Indonesia Salary

The amount of PT Freeport employee salary ranges from Rp 6,000,000 – Rp 500,000,000. It depends on the position the employee is placed. Before heading to the details of the Freeport salary info you are looking for, let’s first review PT Freeport which is located in Papua Indonesia.

PT Freeport, which is involved in gold and copper mining, is one of the most popular companies for job seekers, and the income of PT Freeport employees, whether they are fresh graduates or professionals, is quite promising.

Therefore, an argument for the number of job seekers who want to achieve status in PT Freeport is the recognized high income of PT Freeport employees with various benefits.

Salary at PT Freeport Indonesia for all positions

The salary list includes all employees in various positions as follows:

  • Accounting: Rp 11 million/month
  • Mechanical Engineer: Rp 11 million/month
  • General Foreman: IDR 21.1 million/month
  • Operations: IDR 17.5 million/month
  • Operator: IDR 11 million/month
  • Nurse: IDR 7 million/month
  • Finance: IDR 12 million/month
  • Technician: IDR 13.8 million/month
  • Senior Manager : IDR 19.5 million/month
  • Geologist: IDR 12 million/month
  • Contract Engineer: IDR 19.5 million/month
  • Mechanic: IDR 7 million/month
  • Senior Geologist: IDR 19 million/month
  • Metallurgist: IDR 19.5 million/month
  • Administrative Staff: IDR 11 million/month
  • Intern: IDR 1.4 million/month
  • Shotcreter: IDR 17.5 million/month
  • Supervisor: IDR 20 million/month
  • Chief Engineer: IDR 211.9 million/month
  • Security Guard: IDR 7.5 million/month
  • Gas Plant Operator: IDR 8 million/month
  • Safety Health And Environment Manager: IDR 8 million/month
  • Planner: IDR 14 million/month
  • System Analyst: Rp 11 million/month
  • Chemical Analyst: IDR 8 million/month
  • Ore Control Operator: Rp 19.5 million/month
  • Staff: IDR 8.3 million/month
  • Accounting Manager: IDR 27.4 million / month
  • Graduate Development Program: IDR 8.3 million/month
  • Administration And Technician : IDR 4.0 million/month
  • Engineer: IDR 111.1 million/month
  • Superintendent: IDR 29.9 million/month
  • Foreman: IDR 17 million/month
  • Clerk: IDR 5.7 million/month
  • HRD Manager: IDR 12 million/month
  • Officer : IDR 17.5 million/month
  • Underground: IDR 12 million/month
  • Heavy Equipment Operator: IDR 3.8 million/month
  • Drafter and PPIC EPC: IDR 7 million/month
  • HRD Staff: IDR 14.11 million/month
  • Intern Student: IDR 1.5 million/month
  • Chief Planner: IDR 17.5 million/month

PT Freeport Indonesia Profile

PT Freeport Indonesia is a subsidiary owned by Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc. and PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum. Freeport is engaged in the mining, processing and marketing of ores containing copper, gold and silver. Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) is one of the largest international mining companies. It is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

FCX’s portfolio of assets ranges from the Grasberg mineral property in Papua, Indonesia, to the deserts of the southwestern United States, and includes significant mining operations in North and South America, including the large Morenci mineral property in Arizona and the Cerro Verde operation in Peru.

Workplace Facilities at Freeport Indonesia

Freeport also provides direct public facilities for the needs of some of its employees due to its remote location at an altitude of more than 2500 meters above sea level.

These facilities include

  • Retail shops for shopping
  • A school
  • Places to eat
  • A bank
  • Libraries
  • Postal services
  • Educational infrastructure facilities
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tourist attractions
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Transportation Services

Requirements for job application

This information is intended to estimate the amount of salary. Especially for people who are still laymen. The availability of the discussion cited by is only to help prospective workers, vehicle owners to find out the amount of the basic salary of Freeport from mine drivers to commissioners, whether they are still high school graduates or have just graduated from S1 and S2 universities.

In terms of the various requirements for Freeport job applications, among them are

  • Graduated from at least S1 Mining/Engineering
  • At least six years working experience in mining or related fields.
  • Good knowledge and background in business diagnostics, procurement, supply chain management,
  • contract negotiation, financial/cost diagnostics, mining operations, legal and taxation.
  • Knowledge of mining operations, legal and tax issues.
  • Good at negotiating and winning contracts.
  • Potential for interpersonal skills.
  • Skills must be other PTFI.


PT Freeport Indonesia has a fair and transparent compensation system for its employees. The company offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages. These include medical and dental insurance, life insurance, and a retirement plan. In addition, for employees working in remote mine locations, the company provides housing, transportation and meals. Depending on the employee’s position, level of experience, and job performance, salary ranges vary. Overall, employment with PT Freeport Indonesia is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking a career in the mining industry with a company that values the well-being of its employees and provides opportunities for growth and development.